Halloween is the time for cute costumes and creepy decorations. For canines, the scare season can be fraught with hazards that can put a real damper on all the festivities. To make sure that everyone on two legs or four have a memorable Halloween, here are some ways in which you can help to make the experience a safer one.

The “No-Candy” Rule

Just like with many humans, it can be hard for dogs to resist indulging in a bag filled with sweet treats and chocolaty goodness. Unlike many humans, though, dogs are not able to process several of the ingredients found in the majority of candies doled out on Halloween. Instead, treat your pooch to a few dog-friendly options when it comes time to dig into the night’s haul.

Canine-Safe CostumesDog dressed in Halloween Costume

Who can resist a dog in a clown or police officer costume? If you insist on dressing your dog up, be sure to inspect the outfit for any loose pieces or accessories that could be accidentally swallowed or chewed on. Be sure to avoid anything with chemicals like glow sticks that dogs could chew open and accidentally ingest.

Use a Microchip

If you haven’t already, microchipping your dog is a great way to keep track of them on the off chance they get out of the backyard or run away while walking. There are a lot of instances that could scare the average dog. Compound that with walking at night and you increase the chances of your dog getting loose.

Play Keep Away

Keep any lit candles or jack-o-lanterns away from pets. A rogue wagging tail can knock one of these over and potentially cause far more damage than anyone is prepared to fix or pay for.

If Worst Comes to Worst…

Keep your pets inside until the trick-or-treating action has died down for the night. This goes double for any dogs that may be prone to high anxiety issues or have difficulty handling children or high-stress moments, like jump scares and loud screaming.

ProPet Distributors believes that every dog should be able to experience the thrills and chills of Halloween safely and securely. For information on dog supplies that can help you take care of your pet on the other 364 days of the year, be sure to browse our catalog, or call (866) 364-4768.

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