When visiting a dog park or walking around a lake, visitors always prefer clean, odor-free locations. Luckily, the all-in-one pet station simply and easily creates this enjoyable view.

The Poly DOGIPOT® DOGVALET is a free-standing post that contains litter pick up bags, a trash receptacle and an instructional sign. It includes the necessities to promote a sanitary environment—all in one simple station.

With this pet waste disposal station, dog owners can maintain responsibility and drop and dispose bagged dog waste in an easy fashion.

Looking at the Dog Waste StationNovBlog_PolyDogValets_SecondImage

With all the included features, the Poly DOGIPOT® DOGVALET creates the ultimate station. For starters, you have four different color options to choose among: forest green, sand beige, mulch or black.

Once you’ve chosen your color, all the features remain consistent for each station. On the front, it has two diamond bag dispenser slots that can hold 400 litter pick up bags. On the sides, it has round trash can openings with heavy duty drawstring bags. The station also comes equipped with a sign that explains to dog owners how to dispose of their pet waste.

Breaking Down the Specs

The Poly DOGIPOT® DOGVALET comes with all the needed inventory to ensure successful installation. Here’s what you’ll see inside your package:

  • Two keys for locking the front access lid
  • Two rolls of DOGIPOT® Smart Litter Pick Up Bags
  • One box of DOGIPOT® Smart Liner Trash Bags
  • Two bolts, two washers and locknuts
  • One telescoping galvanized steel mounting postThe post is about 40 inches high, and the shipping weight is about 40 pounds. With the litter pick up bags and liner trash bags included, it will be ready for use right after set up.

A Simple Installation

The installation is a quick and easy process. To set up the Poly DOGIPOT® DOGVALET, you have to connect the two mounting posts, dig a hole, insert the post in the hole, add ready-to-use concrete mix and the let the concrete dry for 12 hours.
After 12 hours, insert the DOGIPOT® DOGVALET container into the mounting post. Afterwards, you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching pet owners pick up after their dogs.

The only item you have to add to your to-do list is changing out the trash bags and restocking the litter pick up bags. To do this, simply unlock the container, flip open the lid, and from there you can reline the trash can section and refill the litter pick up bags.

For additional ways to get your dog park or other dog-friendly areas looking their absolute best, be sure to check out our line of dog park equipment and other pet waste pickup bags.

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